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We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your next construction project! We specialize in all types of housing construction including:

  • Apartments & Condo’s
  • Student Housing
  • HUD Projects
  • Tax Credit Housing

Although we specialize in these areas, we can also perform all types of commercial construction projects:

- Banking & Financial
- Entertainment
- Hotels
- Motels
- Renovation
- Industrial
- Institutional
- Medical
- Office & Professional
- Parking Facilities
- Restaurants
- Retail
- Sports & Recreation
- Telecommunication
- Green Buildings

Hinton Construction Company, Inc., is a family owned and operated Construction Company that has the skills and experience to deliver a construction project on time and within budget. The home office is located in Shreveport, Louisiana, and we have the capability to build projects all over the nation. We specialize in all types of housing construction including multi-family/apartments, student housing, tax credit projects, HUD housing, renovation projects, and design/build projects. Due to the fast pace demands of housing projects, we rely on specialized project managers, estimators, and field staff that have extensive experience in this type of construction.

Hinton Construction believes in having top management involved with each project and takes pride in the fact that all of our staff members are highly trained and use the latest technology to perform their job at the highest level. We constantly stress quality and integrity in all facets of our company’s operations and it is our goal to maintain a reputation for being the best of the best within the housing construction industry.

We have a perfect safety record and we have no problems securing bonds for our projects. Because of our experience, integrity, and training, we can offer our customers the highest quality product at a competitive price.

Project Name: Tiger Village - Phase II

• 285,000 Square Feet
• 5 Buildings
• 796 Beds
• Completed 5 Months Ahead of Schedule
• Fiberglass Shingles
• Brick and Siding Exterior Walls

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